Flamekeeper is a 5-piece Dutch Metal band from Zaanstad/Haarlem.

We are not bound by 1 genre of metal, all the band member are influenced by different styles and that shows in the songs we write.

Flamekeeper does not follow a certain theme for songs, everyone in the band has their own stories they want to tell in a song.

This can range from personal lyrics to historical subjects or political, if we feel there is a story to tell than we will tell that story.

The band consists out of Vincent Overduin, Kjell Werkman, Mark Link, Daan Winkelhorst and Youri Elstrodt.
Though we are situated in Zaanstad/Haarlem, the band members are from all over the country.
Even though we are band members, we are also good friends who like to hang out and have fun outside of the band.
One thing is for certain, there is never a dull moment when the 5 of us are together.